Royal Challenge Premium Lager

Skol Breweries


A buddy of mine, who happens to be Indian, brought a six pack of this back from India for me, when he visited several years ago. I'm just now getting around to cracking open one of these cans. I don't even think I could use this to make Beer Can Chicken. This is just awful. Stamped across the top of the can is the statement "Not For Sale in Maharashtra State". That's how bad this sucks, Maharashtrans don't want this shit. On the side of the can, it says "Skol Breweries, Ulan, Maharashtra." Well then, I guess they'd know. They brew it, they should know how bad it suuuucks. It has the color of wheat straw, this pale yellow color, and has a taste similar to wheat straw. Have you ever been in a barn full of hay or straw, and the smell is so overpowering that you have a good idea how the stuff would taste? That's the case here, I know what wheat straw would probably taste like. I love the slogans. "Brewed longer, brewed better. Taste the difference Extra Time Makes." I know how to cripple the Indian economy and get all those jobs back....send a beer over there with flavor and alcohol. Those lightweight Indians will be knocked bat-shit loopy. "Ohh, dis is vedy vedy strong, I go to sleep now, to hell with America and their daylight work hours, someone else can reboot dere system." Suck it, India.

Reviewed: January 19, 2009

Rating: 1/10

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