Point Einbock

Stevens Point Brewery


I kind of have a pro-Wisconsin bias towards Point. It's an historical brewery, and was known for some of the basic light lagers that plagued this country for decades, but they have really made a solid effort with their craft line of beers. Point's pale ale, white beer, and others aren't as solid to style as a lot of other breweries throughout Wisconsin and the rest of the country, but something can be said for taking a craft style and offering a "session" version of it. Take Einbock, their spring Maibock, for example. Nice and malty, with that nice sweet alcoholic flavor, yet it's still light enough you can bring this along to a party and have something with flavor, and a lot of it. Compared to Capital's Maibock, or a real German Maibock, it falls a bit short, but it's still a quality lager at a reasonable price.

Reviewed: January 19, 2009

Rating: 5/10

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