Wailua Wheat Ale

Kona Brewing Co


The label says this is a limited release, I'm guessing they chose to market it this way after tasting it and realizing they'd never get away with brewing it again. It's dubbed a "wheat ale brewed with passion fruit". I'll be honest, I've never had a passion fruit by itself nor would I even recognize one if I saw it, but if it tastes anything like this beer I don't think I'd want to. If you can get past the overwhelming fruit flavor you can kind of taste a passable wheat ale in the background but that's a tall order. Maybe your girlfriend would like it if she's really into Miller Chill, and it's definitely a step up from there, but much like Lance Bass it's just too fruity. It might be good at a luau in Maui but if you see it in a store in the contiguous US I'd take a pass.

Reviewed: June 01, 2008

Rating: 3/10

I used to work in the produce department of a grocery store, and I'll never forget seeing a passion fruit for the first time. They're actually kind of ugly, and not at all appetizing. And the insides look like something you'd see in an autopsy. Go ahead, google it. Tell me I'm wrong. And they don't even taste that great. So I was surprised to see a beer brewed with passion fruit. I was expecting a disaster. What I got was....not quite a disaster. Here's the good part.....I'll bet Kona Brewing actually has a good wheat beer. Just a plain-Jane wheat beer, with nothing but wheat, and the other stuff. Don't add anything, and you have what's probably a very good (by American standards) wheat ale. And then they added passion fruit, to get that Hawaiian touch. It wasn't horrible. The passion fruit didn't quite merge well with the natural lemon flavor of the wheat. But, I'm intrigued enough to want to see if Kona distributes their Hefeweizen to Atlanta. I have high hopes, just not for this beer.

Reviewed: May 08, 2010

Rating: 3/10

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