Stone Russian Imperial Stout

Stone Brewing Co


Wow, now this is a beer. Pouring this in the glass it's black, and I mean black in the classical definition; devoid of color, complete absorption of light. I think I've seen quasars with more color. And it tastes as dark as it looks, very malty with lots of chocolate and roasted coffee flavors. The alcohol (though close to 11% ABV) isn't overpowering and in fact helps to balance the malt flavors. I can't put this ahead of Old Rasputin (my favorite Russian Imperial Stout of all time) but I can't really put it behind it either. My buddies and I drank this while listening to the Soviet national anthem and it made me long for Mother Russia (despite the fact I'm German, better not let my grandma see this). Za vas, Comrades!

Reviewed: July 06, 2008

Rating: 8/10

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