Baltika #8 Wheat Ale

Baltika Brewing


Wow, a Baltika that I beat Sam to...and one to which I can assure you Sam would deliver a scathing review, as it's a wheat ale, and wheat ales are Sam's kryptonite. 'E 'ates 'em, 'e does. However, I liked it. It was a halfway decent Weizen-style (sorry, my policy on research forbids me from finding the Russian word for wheat ale, and besides, I'm not about to waste time pulling the cyrillic letters from Character Map to write it anyway). It was light, with a slight lemon background. The head foamed up quickly regardless of the pour, more so than the German versions. I would call this above average. Stand by for Sam's review, which will undoubtedly include a lot of bad Russian words he pulled from Babel Fish.

Reviewed: March 01, 2009

Rating: 6/10

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