Lagunitas Kill Ugly Radio

Lagunitas Brewing Co


I know this is a sweeping generalization for which the folks at Beer Advocate will jump on me like Jim Belushi on a Vienna beef hot dog, but is it just me or does Lagunitas do pretty much nothing but double IPA's? I mean, I like double IPA's, but I think I've had 2 or 3 of them, whereas most breweries do maybe one. And I get it, they like Frank Zappa. It's my goal to someday start a brewery and dedicate all of my beers to Cheap Trick. Ain't That a Shame Saison. Surrender Stout. Dream Police Doppelbock. It'll be gold, Jerry! Anyway, if you like double IPA's as much as the folks at Lagunitas, you'll like this. I think it just crosses into the "extreme" category, as I've had much hoppier. But, that's also a good thing if you want to experiment and don't think you're ready for well over 100 IBU's.

Reviewed: March 15, 2009

Rating: 7/10

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