Goose Island Matilda

Goose Island Beer Co


Boy, I was ready to give up on Goose Island when they came out with 312 Urban Wheat. I truly felt they jumped the shark, Harpoon-style. But, Matilda is a nice Belgian ale. I'm still trying to determine which style. It's not effervescent enough to be a saison, and it's a little dark anyway. It has a pleasantly sour taste, but not too strong. This was part of a 4-pack which I purchased in July 2007, and I'm on #3, and this was better than the previous 2. Maybe I should've waited until #4 to write the review. I enjoyed it as an after dinner drink, but I don't think this is one that will leave a lasting impression on me.

Reviewed: March 15, 2009

Rating: 6/10

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