Lucky Beer

Lucky Drink Co. Pty. Ltd.


The bottle is kind of neat. It's green, and shaped like Buddha. Unfortunately, once the cap is pulled, it smells like Buddha's armpits after he's been wandering the Simpson Desert wearing a wool jacket. Yeah, it smells that good. The Lucky website proclaims this as being an Asian-style lager. I imagine Asians might be insulted to be associated with it. It's nothing more than a novelty beer, and would be useless without the funky bottle. The taste was better than the smell, in that the taste was non-existent. It was bland and flavorless, undoubtedly from the heavy use of rice, as opposed to any decent-tasting grains. This would make a fair addition to a bottle collection, but a poor addition to your bowels.

Reviewed: March 15, 2009

Rating: 1/10

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