Toohey's Premium

Tooheys Brewing


Like most Americans, I had this while dinking at the Outback Steakhouse. For me, it was the one in Middletown NJ. The most memorable thing about this was me trying to convince my mom I've never eaten there, and that the property was a HoJo's when I lived in New Jersey. It was times like that when I wished the beer had a LOT more alcohol, to numb the pain from the debate I was having. Toohey's was the typical light lager, not much in the way of alcohol, hops, maltiness, or anything else but carbonation. A lot more flavorful than Foster's, but that's like saying the steak was a lot more flavorful than cat food. I'll bet anything the typical visitor to that Outback tries this and acts all crrazzzy by because Aussie beers have sooooo much more alcohol than American beers, when in reality this is like Aussie Miller.

Reviewed: May 02, 2009

Rating: 3/10

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