Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery


Very much a Belgian-style beer. You get a definite sweet taste to it, very sugary, and there's that plum background that's extremely common in the Trappist-style ales. It's kind of wine-like, and not very carbonated. I'm writing the review from the last one of the pack, not the first. It's about a year old. I recall the 2nd and 3rd being better than the first, but I don't think there's a huge improvement when kept over a year. You definitely notice the alcohol, which comes in at about 8.5%. Thankfully, I don't taste the raisins, as I really dislike raisins. Some people have a love it or hate it relationship with Dogfish Head, I think this is one of those that people can come to grips with and not roll their eyes that DFH is doing insane stuff again. I may be way off, but I would compare this to Corsendonk brown a little bit. Of course, I'll be able to count on someone from Beer Advocate to shoot that thought down.

Reviewed: June 14, 2009

Rating: 7/10

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