Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen Weisse

Brooklyn Brewery


Take one of the most well-known Brewmasters in the US, and one of hte most well-known Brewmasters in Germany, put them together in one joint venture, and you haven't seen a perfect storm this big since the one that totally killed George Clooney and Mark Walhberg. This definitely has the color and alcoholic punch of a Weissbock, combined with the hoppiness of an IPA. I spent the first half of the beer trying to define it. I spent the second half of the beer just enjoying the unusual combination of wheat maltiness sneaking through the powerful presence of the Amarillo and Palisade hops. Definitely a pricey 750ml bottle, but I think worth every penny. Now I have to try and find a way to get a hold of the version that was brewed at the Georg Schneider brewery.

Reviewed: July 19, 2009

Rating: 9/10

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