Southern Tier Big Red Imperial Red Ale

Southern Tier Brewing Co


I think I may just let my wife pen my reviews. For a couple of people who don't like overly bitter beers, we both liked this. She said it has a very nice, nutty aroma. Probably due to the (from the label) chocolate and caramel malts, and the (someone smack me for even bringing this up) hallertau hops. I didn't have it in a snifter like I was supposed to (piss off, Steve), so the finer points were probably lost on me. Anyway, this was a very tasty Red. I especially liked how the bitter didn't hang around on my (sigh) palette, making me wish I had a lager. No, sir, this was an excellent Red.

Reviewed: December 06, 2008

Rating: 8/10

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