August Schell's SnowStorm

August Schell Brewing Co


This was interesting. It came in a sampler 12 pack that I bought in July (as this was a 2007 release, it's been sitting a while), and when I had the first one, around the time of the first chilly evening, I assumed it was a winter lager and had it from a mug. Horrible. Then, I read the label and discovered to my surprise that Schell's was actually aiming for a Belgian Dubbel-style. The 2nd bottle was poured into an Ommegong goblet, and the taste improved quite a bit. It was nice and malty, and had some fruit undertones, like plum. I think it had a way to go before being close to a Dubbel, but it wasn't bad, and really quite drinkable. I almost wish I had another bottle, so that I could see what else I can discover in the taste.

Reviewed: January 03, 2010

Rating: 6/10

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