Thomas Hooker Liberator Doppelbock

Troutbrook Brewing Co


I'll admit, for as long as I've heard of this beer, one thought has always gone through my juvenile mind: "FREE THE HOOKERS!" It's like the beer is in support of a prostitute underground railroad. In reality, the brewery simply named this line after the founder of the colony of Connecticut (an interesting choice, considering Thomas Hooker was a Puritan, and Connecticut remains one of the few states that prohibits Sunday alcohol sales). Upon purchasing and sampling, I realized I overpaid for this beer. This beer only recently became available in Georgia. Unfortunately, it hasn't been considered a quality Doppelbock in, by some estimates, for a few years. The alcohol is barely noticeable, so it's nothing more than a dark, malty lager. Considering you pay $8 for a half liter, you quickly feel the sharp pain that can best be described as "getting ripped off." Do a search for our video beer review for this beer on YouTube.

Reviewed: November 08, 2009

Rating: 3/10

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