Ridgeway Very Bad Elf Special Reserve Ale

Ridgeway Brewing


I seem to have the best of luck when being asked uncomfortable questions by women selling me beer. First it was the Steel Reserve 211. Now, it was this one. At Total Wines in Kennesaw, the woman asked me, "Have you bee a very bad elf this year?" I could only stutter out, "well, my kids might think so." In retrospect, that might not have been the best response. It was a hearty English ale, nice and hoppy, but surprisingly easy to drink, so the 7.5% abv hit me quickly. I might have to go and try all of the other "behaving inappropriately" line of elf beers that Ridgeway offers. All in one night. Friends, I apologize in advance if I drunk dial you.

Reviewed: January 19, 2009

Rating: 7/10

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