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Efes Pilsner is probably the most well-known product from Efes, Turkey, after of course the Book of Ephesians in the Bible. As you can guess, then, not a lot of significant things came from Efes, particularly this beer. I have to give kudos to Turkey in how they've maintained separation of church & state that a predominantly Muslim nation is also a beer-brewing nation (probably because they've been brewing beer since before Mohammed existed). Unfortunately, Efes is a modern light lager, loaded with rice adjuncts, and comes across with a strong metallic taste. It comes in a cool brown bottle with the word Efes raised in the glass, but that's about it. Surely some tool out there will say that Efes goes great with Turkish food, but in reality, if Efes does, then so will Becks, Carta Blanca, Labatt, and Yuengling. There just isn't anything special about this, and in fact the most pleasure I'll get from Efes is the fact that Kris has to track yet another country in TOBP.com.

Reviewed: January 16, 2010

Rating: 2/10

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