Lobster Lovers Beer



Rinkuskiai must be hands-down the best brewery in Lithuania. Possibly even in the former Soviet bloc (aside from the Czech Republic). Again, I had low expectations. The label shows a nude woman from the rear, with a lobster on her back, with the lobster tail covering her butt crack and the claws going up her shoulder blades. I expected this to be horrific, because the label is so disturbingly surreal, but what I got was a solid lager with a slight citrus background, and an imposing 9.5%abv in a half-liter bottle. There was also the nice pleasing taste of hops both in the aroma and the finish. Rinkuskiai, while having possibly the worst art/marketing department, has a very solid brewing team (either that, or their beer names are best read in Lithuanian).

Reviewed: May 02, 2010

Rating: 7/10

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