Samuel Adams Imperial White

Boston Beer Co


Holy cow, this was FULL of alcohol. I'm not sure if a witbier is a good beer to go "Imperial" with, because part of the joy of witbiers are the orange and coriander flirting in the background. Honestly, the orange and coriander were dragged into the side alley by the alcohol, beaten into submission, and the coriander was pistol-whipped while the orange was forced to watch. In other words, they came out unrecognizable after the rough encounter with the steady alcohol burn. Mind you, I was in the mood for something with kick, but it was just too big of a beer for what you might want out of a witbier. It's a good "let's get drunk and steal road signs" beer, but not necessarily for relaxing on the deck, as the sun sets, smelling the freshly-mowed grass.

Reviewed: May 16, 2010

Rating: 6/10

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