Terrapin Side Project #03 Gamma Ray WheatWine Ale

Terrapin Beer Co


Note to self: Look at the alcohol content of a 22 oz bomber of beer before opening it at 10PM. 11%? I'll be lucky to stay awake long enough to finish it. Somehow, I did (watching Superbad may have helped). It was incredibly chock full of alcohol, I could smell that from a distance. It had a nice orange-ish color, not that bubbly. And the smell and taste of honey was almost overwhelming. At the first sip, I wasn't sure I'd like this, but I nursed the beer, allowed it to warm up quite a bit, and it turned into something quite nice. The hops fought through the sweetness, and the balance was quite enjoyable. This was the third of Terrapin's "Side Project Series", which they cleverly included in the name Gamma Ray.....Gamma being the third letter of the Greek alphabet. Anyway, this was tasty. A lot of breweries seem to get into weird stuff with their special releases, but Terrapin is brewing some good, yet unusual stuff.

Reviewed: June 06, 2010

Rating: 8/10

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