Hoegaarden Original White Ale



I truly believe Hoegaarden is also the name of the brewery, as it doesn't appear to be on the bottle. Word to the uninitiated: As I've stated before, a Belgian White is similar to a German Hefeweizen, in flavor, texture, etc. This beer is cloudy with yeast, and tends to gross some people out. Me? I love it. This particular one was tangy, pretty lemony, sweet and overall pretty flavorful. Just follow the directions on the bottle on how to pour it, and you'll be all right. There's a little misadvertising, though: The bottle claims its age as "Since 1445." Not true. By 1957, there were no breweries left in Hoegaarden, Belgium. It was several years after that that some locals decided to use some old recipes and open a new brewery. I got this info from the box the beer came in, if anyone tries to dispute this.

Reviewed: October 25, 1998

Rating: 8/10

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