Picnic Ants

O'so Brewing Company


This is from one of Wisconsin's newest (and possibly one of the most interesting) breweries, located in one of Wisconsin's least-interestingly named towns (Plover). Picnic Ants is a Belgian-style farmhouse saison that would be absolutely perfect in the heat of an Atlanta summer. Unfortunately, I stashed it in my beer fridge and forgot about it until November 2009. I can say this though....on my next trip back to Northern Wisconsin, I am looking for more beers from O'so, so if that tells you what I thought about this beer, then you know how I felt. The spiciness and fruitiness complimented one another very nicely, and it was perfectly effervescent. I kind of want to get back up there (in warm weather) and drink this while sitting on my father-in-law's deck, watching hay wagons drive up and down the highway (in other words, doing absolutely nothing but drink).

Reviewed: January 16, 2010

Rating: 8/10

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