Labatt Ice

Labatt Breweries


Like many ice beers, crisp, no aftertaste. Similiar in taste to Molson Ice, but IMHO a little better. Not as tasty as Blue, but after a sixer of this, who the hell cares?! Kris has his "Get drunk beer." Now I have mine.


Rating: 7/10

If you find yourself drinking this, drink it quick before it gets warm. If that happens, you may as well dump it out and lick the bottle cap, it has the same taste. But then you won't be ingesting the 5.6% alcohol which I think is why those guys just out of high school like to split a two-four of this when they're drinking in their parent's garage. Or the fact that it's cheap. They must be immune to the gut rot I got from drinking this stuff too. Or maybe you forget about that when your head is thumping. Either way, this is a get drunk beer. Not as vile as "Maximum Ice" and if you drink it cold it's tolerable (watery). I'd hate to experience what this tastes like out of a can.

Reviewed: July 24, 2004

Rating: 2/10

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