Molson Canadian

Molson Breweries


This tasted less like Golden, and more like a light Moosehead. Kind of skunky, but still good nonetheless. In spite of the slight skunk taste, it had a refreshing quality to it. And it's way better than most of our domestic lagers.


Rating: 6/10

I was at a concert recently featuring Poison, Skid Row, and Vince Neil at the Molson Amphitheatre. All they serve is Canadian; with all the mullets and jean jackets around it really seemed to be the right environment for it. Well, I was presently surprised that it didn't suck as much as I expected. Now granted, the absence of any skunk taste was likely due to the fact that I was drinking it on tap and not from a bottle. But it was a decent lager. Not necessarily good, but drinkable. And better than Blue. It felt right to be drinking a Canadian whilst rocking out to "Shout At The Devil". Heck, Vince Neil probably downed 4 or 5 of these himself before coming out on stage.

Reviewed: September 13, 2003

Rating: 4/10

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