Sweetwater Crank Tank Rye'd Ale

Sweetwater Brewing Co


Rye is definitely a grain that should be used more often. Terrapin led the local Atlanta market for years with their Rye Pale Ale, but Sweetwater might be able to take it over if they make this a regular release. Crank Tank Rye'd is a special release, similar to what, oh, just about every other decent brewery is doing, having an "extreme" line of beers. Crank Tank is specifically to benefit Camp Twin Lakes, a local summer camp for disabled kids, so it's certainly a worthy purchase. It's 25% rye malt, which gives it a nice citrus flavor, but balanced very well with Mt. Hood and Centennial Hops. A nice solid ale.

Reviewed: October 05, 2011

Rating: 8/10

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