Rickard's Dark

Molson Breweries


This is Molson's most recent addition to their Rickard's line. I think it's supposed to be a porter. It's malty and there's a nice taste of maple syrup. In fact for me that's the redeeming feature of the beer. I really have a thing for maple syrup. I suppose that's very Canadian of me. But back to the beer, it's pretty good on tap. However I'll say that it's kind of generic for a porter, so much so that's really not much of a porter at all. It's just another non offensive beer that's a little different and little better than what it's usually up against at the bars where it's served. And the touch of maple syrup is a nice touch, enough to get them a slightly higher score from me.

Reviewed: November 12, 2011

Rating: 7/10

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