Cerveceria Modelo, S.A.


So I had this shortly after stepping off of the plane in Cancun. It was light tasting, easy to drink, and I could have drunk one after another all afternoon. It was also more fizzy than I think a beer should be and did seem to taste better with a lime wedge pushed down the neck of the bottle. Not unlike Corona or Sol. However it was unlike those other two beers in that it tasted like beer and not beer flavoured water. Now I could taste the sweetness of corn in this beer, but they found a way to use corn without any funk aftertaste or resulting gut rot. In fact there was no aftertaste at all, really. So my conclusion is that yes this is a fizzy, light bodied thirst quencher. It's nothing to go out of your way for. But if you're in Mexico and feel the need for such a beer, this is a better one to reach for than many.

Reviewed: March 06, 2011

Rating: 5/10

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