Terrapin Side Project #07 Maggie's Farmhouse Ale

Terrapin Beer Co


This is #7 in Terrapin's "Side Project" series. Damn this is a quality beer. It's made with barley, oats, wheat and, like Terrapin's signature beer, rye. Basically, the brewer looked at his grain inventory and said "Yes." It's a bright gold color, and has a nice lemon background from the wheat and rye. There's also a little bit of sourness in it as well. This is a good beer after having spent part of the afternoon on a hot soccer field (however, unlike the previous 3 months, all I was doing was watching a game, not playing or coaching). Like all of the other Side Projects, it's in a 22oz bomber.

Reviewed: February 05, 2012

Rating: 8/10

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