Coast Kölsch 32º / 50º

Coast Brewing Co


Kölsch-style beers are notoriously fragile, and don't usually last along time. I bought this while on holiday in Hilton Head SC last September (it was bottled on 9/7/2010, 2 weeks before I bought it), and stuck it in my beer fridge and frankly forgot about it. On a warm summer night in June 2011, I killed it with gusto. Kölsch-style beers are very refreshing for warm summer months, but also have a decent enough floral hoppiness in the finish that they go well in cool weather as well, in my opinion. Coast is no exception. This really is a fantastic American version of a traditional style from Köln German (much like Champagne, a true Kölsch must be from Köln, aside from a couple exceptions in Bonn). The name of this beer is an homage to the latitudinal locations of Charleston SC and Köln Germany. South Carolina is not known as a hotbed of microbreweries, but if everything Coast brews is as high-quality as this, Coast surely leads the state.

Reviewed: June 26, 2011

Rating: 8/10

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