Goose Island Night Stalker Imperial Stout

Goose Island Beer Co


This was effing delicious. It comes in close to 12% abv, and has about 60 IBU's. It came in a gorgeous bomber with a really cool black label. My one regret is not fighting the urge to drink it. As it was, I bought it in July 2011, yet it was bottled in March 2010. I wish I had held out and tried it in 2012 or later. It had a rich chocolate flavor and a sugary nose. I poured it with about 2" of head which did dissipate quickly, but it looked beautiful while it was there, like whipped chocolate. It's my understanding that this is based on Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout, but without the bourbon barrel aging. I think this is a huge improvement. If I find more of it on my next trip to Wisconsin, I'm buying a couple of bottles.

Reviewed: August 23, 2014

Rating: 9/10

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