Simpler Times Pilsner

Minhas Craft Brewery


Simpler Times is the in-house beer at Trader Joe's. Frankly, it is not good. It's a pale, thin lager that lacks any decent hop presence whatsoever. The can also reeks of shenanigans. First, there is no "Simpler Times Brewing." It says "Since 1845" and brewed in Monroe WI. Monroe was put on the map by the former Huber Brewery, now called Minhas Brewing. Minhas (and Huber before them) is a large contract brewer, making beer for anyone that will pay them. Trader Joe's must have decided they needed a cheap beer to rival the cheapness of their "Two Buck Chuck" wine, and obviously didn't take into account that people might want it to be drinkable. Fortunately, Trader Joes carries better beers (unlike their sister company Aldi), but really, I recommend against relying on Trader Joe's for your beer choices.

Reviewed: August 23, 2014

Rating: 2/10

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