New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest

New Glarus Brewing Co


One of the benefits of traveling to Wisconsin in October (I was there for a wedding) is seeing beers I normally don't find on my annual trip there in July. I had no problem finding a great selection of fall seasonal beers, with New Glarus's Staghorn Octoberfest being a good find. It's a nice example of an Octoberfest, I believe even by German standards. By American standards, where many Fest beers tend to be thin and weak, it's exceptional. It has a nice amber color, a noticeably higher amount of alcohol (many American versions are just darker lagers with no noticeable increase in alcohol), and it's nice and malty. I brought back a few bottles, and left a couple up in my in-law's fridge, so I'm looking forward to finishing them in July. I might have to have my MIL ship me a six-pack next fall.

Reviewed: August 23, 2014

Rating: 8/10

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