Flying Fish Exit 9 Hoppy Scarlet Ale

Flying Fish Brewing Co


The Exit series of beers from Flying Fish is an homage to various points up and down NJ using NJ Turnpike exits as a point of reference. Exit 9 is the exit for Rutgers University (the Scarlet Knights). Well, sort of. Actually, exit 9 is the exit for Rt. 18 in East Brunswick, but 18 takes you to NEW Brunswick, where Rugers is located. But, since there is literally nothing in East Brunswick except for a shitty Sams Club, an even shittier flea market, and a mall, for obvious reasons they kind of had to look north to Rutgers for inspiration. And a good choice, because they made a great beer to honor a great university. It's very hoppy, and very aromatic. It has an incredibly flowery nose, full of Cascade hops. It has a nice reddish color, and very big-bodied. I know I would like to see if other Exit beers are available in Atlanta. It also makes me wonder if they're going to do all exits. For example, they couldn't possibly do Exit 12 in Cartaret, could they? What would they call it? Exit 12 Cartaret Friggin' Farmhouse? What about that God-awful exit for Secaucus? Hopefully to honor Kearny, exit 15W, they'll have a Scotch ale (Kearny has a huge Scottish population). The potential is endless, but so are the jokes, I guess (it's OK, I can joke....I'm from Jersey. Exit 109, in case you're wondering).

Reviewed: August 06, 2014

Rating: 8/10

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