Sweetwater 15

Sweetwater Brewing Co


Sweetwater 15 is the 1600th' review written for TOBP (that's not to say it'll be the 1600th review posted....we pretty much post them in any order we please and we make no apologies), and I felt it fitting to use a beer brewed to recognize a milestone: the 15th anniversary of Sweetwater Brewing, considered by many to be the top brewery in Atlanta. There are two important features of this beer: it's ABV (10%) and it's hop content (70 IBU). It's a deliciously hoppy ale. They used as its basis their old ESB recipe, but added to it, including 7 types of malts and 5 types of hops. It has a nice bitter finish. 15 years ago, in 1997 (back when we had, what, 100 reviews?) that bitterness would have turned me off, but much like how Sweetwater has matured, so have my beer tastes, and now a bitter finish is something I crave. There really is no true category for this, although IPA comes close I think. I moved to Atlanta when Sweetwater was only a year old, and I'm glad to see it's still around and part of the Atlanta beer scene.

Reviewed: October 10, 2014

Rating: 8/10

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