New Glarus Raspberry Tart

New Glarus Brewing Co


This is a blend of Oregon raspberries, Wisconsin wheat, and Hallertau hops. It has a very sweet aroma, and is a bright sparkly red in the glass. The label suggests serving very cold in a champagne flute, so that's exactly what I did. My wife walked by and of course her first question was, "Are you drinking a beer in a champagne glass?" To which I of course said yes, confirming it was the suggestion of the renowned New Glarus Brewery. "I won't tell anyone," she replied. The one downside of drinking this alone is that it takes a while to make a noticeable dent in the bottle when using a champagne flute. This is defintely a dessert beer, I think it would go great with a cheesecake, or on its own. It is a bit tart, not at all hoppy, with only a slight amount of fizz in the pour, but overall a great experience.

Reviewed: November 07, 2014

Rating: 8/10

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