Titletown Dousman St. Wheat

Titletown Brewery


This was my first try of a Titletown beer, which I sampled at their brewery on Dousman St. in downtown Greenbay. It came in a half liter weizen glass, and it was GORGEOUS. It was a beautiful orange-yellow color, about 2 fingers of head, and was the perfect beer to drink after a hot day of walking around Green Bay, first visiting the Bay Beach amusement park and then the On Broadway farmer's market. This was just delicious, a nice lemony flavor, very effervescent, and so damn refreshing. It went very well with the pizza that I ordered for dinner as well, the wheat beer was perfect with that pizza crust. Many American wheat beers fail horribly, but this one would be well received in Germany I think.

Reviewed: November 07, 2014

Rating: 8/10

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