Titletown Dark Helmet Schwarzbier

Titletown Brewery


I had dinner with the family while on vacation at the Titletown Brewery in Green Bay WI in July 2012. After trying their wheat beer with dinner and became impressed, I elected to bring a half gallon growler back home. It took some time to pick which of their beers to buy, but elected to go with this for one reason: How could I NOT get a beer called Dark Helmet? Also (OK 2 reasons) I love a good Schwarzbier. I tried it with my wife's cousin Scotty, both of us having 2 pints, and I really enjoyed it. It had a nice toasted malt flavor, with chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors coming through, with a smokey finish. It was a beautiful black in the glass with a milk chocolate-colored head. I did not regret this purchase at all, and frankly I'm looking forward to going back to Green Bay next year (yes, sacrilige for a Bears fan such as myself) so that I can try more of Titletown's great beers.

Reviewed: September 01, 2012

Rating: 8/10

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