Terrapin and Schmaltz Reunion Ale '12

Terrapin Beer Co


This beer is a joint venture between Terrapin and Schmalz, Some of the proceeds go to benefit the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research. This is particularly personal because I'm nearing the 6 year mark when my father lost his fight against multiple myeloma. If I could afford it I'd buy a hundred bottles of this. One of the partners in this venture, from Schmalz, was also a victim of multiple myeloma, which is why Reunion 12's profits go to researching this awful disease. Reunion 12 is brewed with cinnamon, with cocoa nibs and vanilla added in the process, and was a solid dessert beer. It's a brown ale as a base, and has a nice spicey aroma, yet also sweet from the chocolate. The cocoa and roasted malts really came through in the taste. This would be great with chocolate silk pie. A small part of me would like to try this with a dollop of vanilla ice cream in the beer, as I've done with Old Engine Oil. I realize I'm very biased but I urge you to seek this beer out simply for the worthy cause which it's supporting.

Reviewed: January 26, 2013

Rating: 9/10

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