Sweetwater Dank Tank Danktoberfest

Sweetwater Brewing Co


I was tempted to give this beer a 5 because the label is so damn weird. I almost wrote "effing" weird, but this is a family beer review website. It makes a complete mockery of the German language, and I'm pretty sure of German people too. But I'm not positive because again, it's weird. Lots of rambling as it tries to be funny and creative in telling some weird story. Fortunately, the brewers are better at their craft than the marketing department. Or, the brewers tried their hand at marketing as well. What I found was a strong Oktoberfest ("Imperial Oktoberfest" if you will, since everything with more alcohol is often branded as "Imperial"). It was a bright copper color, nice and frothy when poured into a half-liter Maßkrug-style glass (a true Maßkrug, the kind of glass seen at Oktoberfest events, holds 1 liter, mine is a half-liter immitator but works well for drinking a 12oz beer). It kept me warm on a chilly night with an 8.5%ABV. True to form with any Oktoberfest, it was extremely malty, without much detectable hop presence. The caramel and toffee flavor was also clearly evident. As much as I hated the marketing on the label, my opinions of the beer itself were just the opposite. Sweetwater's Dank Tank series produces some good beers, I just wish they stuck to what they do well....making good beer.

Reviewed: May 12, 2015

Rating: 8/10

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