Columbus Brewing IPA

Columbus Brewing Co.


OK, bear with me on this one. In the Bible, John 1:46, Nathanael says (about Jesus): "Nazareth! Can anything good come out of there?" And Philip says, "Come and see!" I don't know a lot of verses but I know this one, and it cracks me up because Nathanael is TOTALLY busting on Nazareth. There are a few cities that are my Nazareth: Philly being one (Philly should be on everyone's list) and Columbus OH being the other. Why Columbus? Becasue their hockey team stinks, and it's the home of Ohio State University (that's right, I left off the "The"....suck it OSU fans). But me, playing the role of Philip, am now saying, "Come and see!" This beer is good. DAMN good. This beer makes me think, "Wow, Columbus might not suck after all." It is hoppy. Oh so very hoppy, with a nice lemon zing in the background, and a nice bitterness on the finish. It's just delicious. I traded for it with my neighbor Rick, I gave him a good Wisconsin beer, he gave me this, and then we drank our beers after mowing the lawn. I think we're both winners that day my friends. Except OSU. They're losers and they can suck it.

Reviewed: October 21, 2013

Rating: 8/10

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