Grand Teton Persephone Pils Imperial Pilsner

Grand Teton Brewing Co


You don't really notice the alcohol, despite the 8.76% abv. You feel it afterwards, but it's doesn't overpower you. It had a nice maltiness, and poured nicely into a stemmed glass, foaming up with a couple of fingers, on top of a nice golden-orange beer. I definitely noticed the bitterness, that was the most striking part of the flavor, It was almost a grapefruit flavor. I bought this in Hilton Head Island at a specialty beer store, shocked that I've never seen this in the Atlanta area (maybe it's there but disappears from the shelves too quickly?). I had this well past the best-by date but it was still delicous. Unfortunately it was a limited brew, so it's no longer on the market. Sucks to be y'all.

Reviewed: January 23, 2016

Rating: 8/10

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