Trader Joe's Providential Belgian Style Golden Ale

Trader Joe's Brewing Co


A store branded beer reminds me of those 80's sitcoms where people would drink a black and white can labeled "BEER." I guess product placement hadn't advanced so much in those days. Now I can hear Fiona on "Burn Notice" tell me all about how a Mazda is the perfect car to chase down a spy.... Anyway, this one is actually brewed by Unibroue, which is a good sign. It smells wonderful, full of layers of complex and interesting aromas. Then you open in and drink this muted, simplistic dreary beer. If it only tasted like it smelled, but it doesn't. Most TJ beers I have had have been pretty good. I think that their reach exceeded their grasp on this one, though. Still, it is not bad at all, just disappointing because of what could have been.

Reviewed: December 29, 2014

Rating: 6/10

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