Anchor Steam

Anchor Brewing Co


OK, at the request of many rabid readers, I tried this again. This time in a 1/2L bottle. I will admit, it was better this time around. I was actually able to finish the whole thing. Still not the best beer I've ever had, as it was kind of bitter (bitter in a gone-bad kinda way, not in a hoppy way), but at least I will raise the rating to a hearty 2. (Original review - This was nasty, like a homebrewing experiment gone bad. From the get-go it had a sharp, bad bitter flavor. Don't give me crap about Anchor not travelling well... A well brewed beer should at least make it across country before going bad. I left half of it on the bar, because I wanted to enjoy the rest of my evening without that funk taste on my mouth ruining all my other drinks. Original rating - 1)

Reviewed: January 11, 2000

Rating: 4/10

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