Guinness Extra Stout



My recommendation is this: do NOT drink from a bottle, from a can, or from that Pub draught thingy. Go straight to your neighborhood bar (preferably one that carries Guiness), and ask for one on tap. And then enjoy. This was a damn fine beer. The kind of beer that you want to drink at the end of a long day that just kicked your ass. Unless you're white trash, in which case stick to your Natural Light. Sweet, yet with a bitter finish. Smooth, creamy, this was the Guiness I've heard so much about and yet didn't believe. (Original review - This pours and looks like watered down motor oil. The head was brownish, like the foam you see on the banks of the East River. The taste? Like there was really bitter Arabian Coffee in it. After trying it several times, I got used to the hard flavor, but it needs more samplings. If it was a truly awesome beer, you shouldn't have to get used to it... it should be great from the beginning.)

Reviewed: June 18, 1998

Rating: 6/10

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