Cerveceria Modelo, S.A.


As Dan Strzelec would say, "If you run five miles and then wrench the nut sweat from between the crack of your ass into a bottle, you'll get Corona."


Rating: 1/10

I swear, the next time I see some yuppie ass-wipe with a preppy Polo shirt drink a Corona with a lime wedged down the neck, I'm liable to pop him in the mouth. If you're drinking this, you don't even like beer, you're just drinking it because your friends will laugh at you if they see you with an umbrella drink. Mexicans laugh at Americans for making this a trendy drink. This is one of their "clear bottle beers," which are consumed by laborers at lunch so they don't get drunk. Americans thought all Mexicans drank it, so they brought it back here. This is why Bud is popular; they're marketing to morons. If you want a real Mexican beer, first ask your wife for your testicles back. Then, ask the bartender for a Carta Blanca.

Reviewed: October 04, 2003

Rating: 1/10

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