Carlsberg Elephant Lager

Carlsberg Breweries


While the label does note that it is a "malt liquor," it is only due to the considerable alcohol amount for a lager, which our country requires. Don't worry, this is probably not sold in such pleasant locales as south Memphis and Harlem. However, I see a pattern (started with Moosehead) with beers named after animals with questionable hygiene. This did have a kick, and much of it was due to the smell. Very much normal for European lagers that spent a goodly amount of time sitting at a pier in Port Elizabeth before being allowed into the US.

Reviewed: September 26, 1998

Rating: 4/10

Eeyikes. I continue to amaze myself at how little I've learned about beers. You'd think I'd have seen the green bottle and high ABV and would have known to steer clear of this. But nooo, I just had to go spend my hard-earned money on Danish ghetto beer. Pale, yellow, fizzy, skunky and metallic, and the alcohol will kick you in the cods. I'm such a dupe.

Reviewed: July 29, 2006

Rating: 0/10

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