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Boon Rawd Brewery

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The bottle proclaims this as being a malt liquor, and I now know why self-respecting people don't drink malt liquor...because it sucks. Now, there could be a scientific explanation that the splineless weenies who like Anchor Steam would throw at you, in that it didn't travel well, or the gold (yes, GOLD) bottle absorbed too much sunlight, or I should give it another shot, but I think it just sucks. OK, so Thailand is pretty far away, and maybe it went skunky on the container ship. But it still sucks. If you're in Thailand, try it, but if you're in a civilized country, stick with Bud or Coors (yeah, it's that bad).


Rating: 2/10

Yeah, that's a ringing endorsement from Steve, alright. I remember the days when that's how he wrote his reviews. Since becoming a beer snob, he's added many more "facts" to his reviews. Sigh. We still love him, though. As for Singha, I didn't think it was THAT bad. It tasted more like a domestic, mass-produced light beer. Wasn't bad, wasn't good. Try it if you want to say you've had a Thai beer, but otherwise, skip it.

Reviewed: September 24, 2005

Rating: 4/10

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