Samuel Adams White Ale

Boston Beer Co


Some background--The Sam Adams Summer claims to be brewed in the Belgian "White" style; so why do they have a new "White" beer? They tasted the same--why couldn't they call it "White" all year around? If you want a rating, see my Summer review...I refuse to review the same beer twice. Celis is STILL better than this, by the way (and it's made by, shudder, Miller). Good, but I hate this marketing crap Boston Beerco is pulling with this.


Rating: 6/10

Maybe back in the day, the Summer Ale was a white, but now it's a wheat, so I don't have a problem reviewing both. I had this on a sweltering hot day after doing a poop-load of yardwork. I'm fairly certain you're supposed to drink something quite crappy after doing that, not a white, but I went ahead and did it anyway. And damn, did it go down nicely. I suppose I should try it while not all hot and sweaty, but until then the rating stands.

Reviewed: September 30, 2006

Rating: 8/10

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