Red Brick Winter Brew

Atlanta Brewing Co


This is one of the most unusual winter beers I've ever had. And unusual is not meant to be negative. On the contrary, this beer is nothing short of awesome. It is hearty, robust, spicy, insert positive adjective here. I loved it. This is the kind of thing you want to chase a pork roast with, sitting by a warm fire. Too bad I live in Atlanta where it's typically too warm for fires. This beer does not disappoint. Better when poured into a pint glass.

Reviewed: December 03, 1998

Rating: 9/10

This is the 2007/2008 version of Atlanta Brewing's winter brew. This one is a Double Chocolate Oatmeal Porter. Looking at the 1998 version, I can't say I liked it as much, but that was 9 years ago, I'm pretty sure I would not have given that beer a 9 now. ABC has the advantage of being able to get above a 6%abv, which they did a little bit, which gave you a nice warming feeling. The chocolate was a nice addition. I think this is definitely more suited as a winter beer than the earlier ones I've had.

Reviewed: September 21, 2008

Rating: 7/10

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