Laughing Skull Bohemian Pilsner

Atlanta Brewing Co


The label says that this is a serious beer, serious quality, without the serious attitude. I agree wholeheartedly. This is becoming one of my favorite breweries. This is what a Bohemian pils should taste like. Smooth, crisp, yet a definite hop presence. A pilsner with flavor! Imagine! Something Bud will never have. Only drawback is its price, but people used to paying for Sam Adams or Pete's shouldn't have a problem. If you can find this, buy it. Not hard to find, with (literally) a smiling skull on the label, with psychedelic whirly-things around it (reminiscent of Magic Hat). Named after the Atlanta bar that first carried their more reason to like this brewery. They have loyalty to their customers. If Michelob had such loyalty, they would stay out of the Craft Brewing business.

Reviewed: December 17, 1998

Rating: 8/10

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