Michelob Pale Ale



What a sad, sad waste of money. First of all, a pale ale should be at least a little hearty, with a nice hop aroma and taste. This was sweet, fruity, and bad tasting. So, it looses points for not only NOT being a Pale Ale, but also just being a poor excuse of a beer. It was drinkable, mind you (unlike Natty Light or garbage like that), but not worth the effort. Auggie Busch, you just can't put a label on a beer and expect it to automatically become that style. And for any weasels who want to write to me and say, "but Steve, it's a Mid-West American Pale Ale, it's supposed to be differemt!" Save your breath! If you wasted money on this, you should be ashamed. Perhaps it's time that Busch got out of the craft beer biz.

Reviewed: March 05, 1999

Rating: 1/10

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